Chinese Restaurant Daiichiro

揚げわんたん スタッフおすすめレストラン

Founded in 1933. Provides creative dishes such as the fried rahmen and wonton spring rolls.


定休日 Open all year round
営業時間11:45am - 3:00pm / 5:00pm - 9:00pm
住所4-2 Chuocho, Atami City

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Stone roasted fried rice with Ise-ebi(Japanese robsters) with starchy sauce


Century egg
Large ¥1,200
Small ¥600
Large ¥2,400
Middle ¥1,200
Small ¥600
Sliced Pork with garlic sauce
Homemade zha cai(Szechuan pickles)

Seafood Cuisine

Fried crab with Chinese fermented black beans
(Soft-shell crab)
Crab and eggs
Sweet and chili prawns

Meat Dishes

Sweet and sour pork
Fried pork and cabbage with miso
(Twice cooked pork)
Juicy fried chicken
Fried chicken with Chinese fermented black beans
Fried liver and Chinese chive
Fried sliced beef and green pepper

Dim sum

Our specialty dumplings
Spring roll
onr piece ¥280
Soup dumpling
one piece ¥280
Boiled dumpling
Wan-ton soup


Fried wan-ton
Noodle wtih wan-ton
Cold wan-ton
Cold noodle with wan-ton

Rice Dishes

Fried rice
Fried rice with prawns
Fried rice with crab meat
Mabo tofu don
(Rice bowl with mabo tofu on top)
Tianjin don
Sweet and sour pork don
(Rice bowl with sweet and sour pork on top)
Fried rice cake with vegetable

Noodle Cuisine

Chinese noodle
Noodle with wan-ton
Noodle with char siu
Cantonese noodle
(soy-sauce flavor)
Tianjin noodle
Vegetable noodle
(Salty flavor)
Noodle with prawns
Noodle with bean sprout
(thick noodle)
Noodle with Chinese chive
(With Szechuan pickles, pork and Chinese chive)
Hong Kong Fried noodle
(Fried noodle with special seasonings)
Szechuan noodle(Spicy)
Noodle with chili oil(spicy)
(With Szechuan pickles,pork and homemade chili oil)

Dim sum(Dessert)

Almond jelly